Evidence shows that Meditation alters your Brain

Some neuroscientists got together with some Buddhist monks at the Dalai Lama’s house for some experimentats. ( :D ) This article tells us that the study shows that meditation, specifically thought alone, like any other activity, can change the structure of the brain. Findings also show that seasoned monks (mmm…) are able to achieve higher levels of awareness when meditating. The study compares novices to monks with over 10,000 hours of meditation.

The novice meditators “showed a slight increase in gamma activity, but most monks showed extremely large increases of a sort that has never been reported before in the neuroscience literature,” says Prof. Davidson, suggesting that mental training can bring the brain to a greater level of consciousness.

So get to it and start ascending people!

We aren’t really dead yet?

I read this article which describes how when someone is clinically dead that they aren’t really dead yet because all their cells are still alive. What kills the cells is not the deprivation of oxygen but the sudden reinfusion of oxygen. Something about how the body treats cancer cells kicks off cells that are suddenly restored with oxygen. Researchers have performed some studies with a new revival technique that has 80 percent success rate versus the 15 percent of traditional revival techniques. Interesting…

Honors Project: Purpose of Religion

This was a hairy project and to be honest I bit off more than I could chew for this semester. Any other semester and I would have put gold trim on this bad boy but as life would have it I did not devote enough time to the project. The outcome of it is enlightening. Basically my quest was to discover what Purpose religion serves to the individual, society and itself. For the most part any religion can fit into the picture and not all religions do everything in the diagram.

The diagram is what I decided would be the best way to present my findings. I did conduct in person interviews, online surveys and in depth recursive research on both biased and nonbiased sources. I intend for it to be ‘non denominational’ and not apply to any one religion or faith.

I was asked if I understood religion differently now that I have looked at it this way. My response was a new definition for religion:

“Religion is a system for living that operates behind a shield of the unknown”

The unknown could be any version of God, Enlightenment, the mysteries of life, etc.

I do not by any means declare this a finished work. Even though I have already presented it to my class and instructor, I am not satisfied with the product and I aim to improve it. I do welcome any and all input (put into the comments section of this post) to the following:

  • Initial Reactions
  • Final Reactions
  • Feelings
  • Anything I missed
  • Errors
  • Thoughts on what can be done to improve it (I can go into a lot of detail about each branch)

    Purpose of Religion Diagram Page Best viewed on a PC with Internet Explorer. I made the diagram with Microsoft Visio 2007 as a Mind Map.

    For MACs and FireFox junkies I saved it as a JPG for you. Purpose of Religion Diagram.