Old Writings: From a notebook, Purpose

I found this in a notebook I wrote in when I was 16 or 17

 It doesn’t matter what you do or accomplish in life. It does not matter who you are or even if anyone knows you. If you are spiritually happy, if you learn from your experiences and use your knowledge to ensure your spiritual happiness, then that is all that matters. To be emotionally happy constantly is to be emotionally dull. You do not have to use the knowledge you gain from experience to ‘better’ your life. Better your spirit and all else will follow, and if it doesn’t appear so, it doesn’t matter. For your spiritual fullness is the most important thing.

Old Writings: From a notebook, Right

I found this a notebook I wrote in when I was about 16 or 17

I was in my favorite coffeehouse talking to a nice couple the girl started complaining about whenever she is with her boyfriend that she is always wrong and he is always right. He said that she isn’t always wrong. She asked him to name one time when she was right. He was stumped. I intervened by stating that she was right by rolling her own cigarettes because they are more plentiful and cheaper than regular cigarettes. She informed me that they were his idea. I revealed to her that the fact that she accepted her wrong doing and changed it made her right. The look on both their faces changed to that of enlightenment.

Old Writings: From a notebook, Happiness

I found this in a little notebook I wrote in when I was about 16 or 17.

The city has many roads leading to it. Like the city, Happiness has many ways of attainment. One way is acceptance. By accepting all, we find ourselves very comfortable with the world as a result we find ourselves to be happy. This is a true happiness for it can be accomplished at any time and only inside yourself. No one can take that from you or affect it without your permission.

Old Writings: Other Things

This is a list I wrote when I was about twelve. Pretty funny with a few profound items. I have left it as is for integrity’s sake.


Other Things:Try to be more patient every day.Don’t act how you think people want you to act. Act like yourself and you will be liked for being yourself and being original.

In life, you will always have enemies, and you will always have friends. Many friends and fewer enemies is always good but a few good friends compared to many enemies is better.

It is easy to get frustrated and upset but better to understand.

Many people hate others because of the way they make an impression upon them. Try to let an individual make their own impression upon you over time instead of the impression you get when first looking at them.

When the chance to do something good arises take the chance and do it.

Talking to rude and self-centered people just makes you mad.

Don’t yell unless someone is deaf or can’t hear you.

If you don’t like something, say something about it. If you don’t say something then nothing can be done about it.

There aren’t very many people you can trust, be careful who you trust in.


Bright lights are bad. They are hard on your eyes and take away the beauty of things.

People are born selfish. People grow up to be selfish. Some LEARN not to be selfish. And many of those who learned not to be selfish went back into the habit.

There are no ugly loves. That means that if you really love somebody then you won’t be able to find anything about them that you find ugly.

Hate is so easy to come by because there are so many things out there that people do to piss you off. It looks as if they do it on purpose because they are too lazy to do things themselves.

If you have an idea or an opinion about something write it down but write it so others can understand your idea if in case you pass away before being given the chance to present it to them.

Nothing can exist before it exists

Only I can change my future

Nothing can exist if it can’t exist.

Sex is the most overrated and yet underrated activity you can participate in.

Intelligence is the best and worst thing that ever happened.

Those in love are the happiest and saddest individuals.

Love will always affect your freedom.

Thinking too much makes you sad but wiser.

Luxury destroys the satisfaction received from simpler things.

The simplest things are the most interesting and enjoyable, but at the same time overlooked, things.

To live simply is to live happily.

Love brings pain, but the satisfaction that comes with it makes one forget the pain. Is that good?

The times of pain from Love outnumber the times of satisfaction, but the satisfaction outweighs the pain.



Old Writings: The Waterfall

I found this among some old papers. I wrote this when I was fifteen at Walt Disney World. Still it is a good thought.

I was standing near a pool at the marriot hotel in orlando. I was watching kids jump from the ledge through the mini-waterfalls around the pool. I associated that with challenges. Challenges that I face in my life and it came clear to me that I can do whatever it is that I’m trying to do. The challenge is just a speed bump, block, wall or waterfall. All I have to do is jump through. I got that from watching the kids jump through the waterfall. They were more apprehensive about jumping through the waterfall into the pool than they were about just jumping in the water. It might have something to do with the blurred images through the waterfall. That where I got the association. I compared them with not being able to see past the challenge. In order to overcome a challenge you must first see the other side, after the accomplishment and then decide if you want to continue, without even jumping through a waterfall.

Old Writings: Existence and the Existence of God

Yep, big topic for a fourteen year old, at least when I was. It is amazing how resolute I was about certain concepts and how things always seemed to work out. I don’t think I finished writing this one. Maybe someday I’ll go back and expand on it.



Existence and the Existence of God
by Mike Benton

     There is only one thing that can exist before everything, including whatever you believe created the universe and life.  That one thing can’t have laws of physics and science, that apply to matter, gases, or in other words any particle, apply to it. The reason why is that it isn’t made up of a particle or any other thing that can be touched, seen, heard, smelt or tasted. This thing is a force. Continue reading

Old Writings, Adventures at the Canal: The Bag

This is the story that got me to write more about the canal. Sadly, I did not write enough about the canal. Today it is covered over by a park and unseen and probably unknown about by many. The bulk of adventures at the canal happened from when I was 12 to about 16 years old. Although they are not terribly life changing or even remotely enlightening, they are a form of entertainment and a piece of my history. Someday I will fill in some of the gaps with more.


The canal was a magical place where you could go if something was on your mind or you just needed some peace and quiet. The gurgling and gushing of the running water outdid the other sounds so all you could hear was nature’s blood. Water.The water was fairly cold in the summer and got even colder as the year went by. I remember one cold day in the Fall of ’94 when I was down at the canal with my friend Matt Duran(His uncle has been best friends with my mom since high school). We were eating pomengranates and smoking cigarettes when I looked up and saw two little kids crouching at top of the canal about fifty yards away. Continue reading

Old Writings, Adventures at the Canal: Ex Girlfriend

Nothing special here, posted simply because of it is part of the collection.

Read quickly,

Is life really that important that we have to rush throught it and not stop to smell the exhaust. Speaking of which, there is too much exhaust in this world. Will the next world be a happy place where there is no pollution and everybody has food and a place to live? I don’t think so because the dirtiness of this world will have gone with death into the next world and infected it. Continue reading

Old Writings, Adventures at the Canal: Introduction

What follows is the introduction to a series of short stories I started writing in high school many years ago. I recently came across these and felt they were good enough to post. They are unedited and come exactly how I found them or rather how I left them when I wrote them all those years ago.


It was always there, down at the end of the street, all dirty and filthy with the runoff water from the mountains. It was dug by the Hohokam indians a couple lifetimes ago. It was fifty feet across and thrity to forty feet to the bottom. The walls weren’t concrete like the other canals in Phoenix, these were dirt. You might call it a canyon or something of the sort. I didn’t like it much to begin with but after passing it about a thousand times I got used to it. Continue reading